My Random Mariners Ruminations…

You know how I’m always moving and taking on new jobs?

Well, that’s what I’ve been doing….again.

I’m not moving across the country or anything like that, it’s definitely a local move but still a significant amount of packing and planning has been required.

I can’t express how depressing my new apartment looks right now due to the lack of furniture or wall decorations. Not only that but I don’t even have couches or dining tables or even a bed. I had to haul my best friend’s boyfriend’s futon and slept on it rather comfortably last night.


There really wasn’t a good reason for me to write my blogs anyway, considering my boys got swept by the big bad Texas Rangers a few days back. It was SO depressing.

First of all, Rob Johnson isn’t aware of his job description. Oh, I don’t know, I’m pretty sure it’s self explanatory but you are a catcher, Johnson. We don’t even expect you to hit; we just need you to catch. And you cannot do that. Thanks to you not being able to catch, we were swept. Seriously. Practice more. And no, don’t give me crap about being mean to Johnson because I used to be a catcher in college softball and I wasn’t even that bad. So hush.

Second, POOR Doug Fister. He has been nothing but AMAZING, a lot more consistent and impressive than anyone else in the team and he cannot get a deserving win to save his life. Our relief pitchers cannot help him out. We have a lead, Fister gets tired, whoever-relief-pitcher comes in, ties or blows the lead and Aardsma blows the game. Ok fine, that’s a little too harsh on Aardsma since he’s only had 2 blown saves so far but STILL. Fister DESERVES a WIN, people, let’s HELP HIM OUT A LITTLE!!!!

Thirdly, I am VERY impressed with most of our newbies. Cliff Lee obviously just came off of the DL but did a splendid job last week, Chone Figgins is just amazing (Thank you, Angels!) and he hits and hustles like a maniac giving Ichiro a run for his money, Milton Bradley is actually pretty good (surprise!), Brandon League is pretty good so far (I KNEW he was Asian! I did some research and found out he’s Japanese-American Yonsei from Hawaii!) and the only person that disappointed was Eric Byrnes…and he’s not even with us anymore. Shocker. He has so many opportune moments where he completely failed. PLUS apparently no one taught him how to successfully operate a SQUEEZE…which lost us a game.

Sorry about the non-picture entry today but I really have to get going to work now. Can I just say I’m SUPER excited for the Rays to be in town right now? Starting tonight, the Mariners will face the Rays. It’s the only time the Rays will be in town which makes me really depressed since I can’t be there……and (warning: girl comment) Evan Longoria is on my exclusive list of potential boyfriend/husband material and I won’t be able to see him.


The Rays will be facing Jason Vargas, Ryan Rowland-Smith and Cliff Lee.

Yes, they get to face Cliff Lee. Yikes!

Ok well until next time….


So clearly I missed posting this yesterday and the Mariners have lost again the Rays.

….plus it was against Cliff Lee…..

……do you know how painful it is to be a Mariners fan right about now?

Probably not.



Moving is always a pain. I try not to do it too often.
I know how depressing it is when your team is not doing that well. My team just wants to get to .500 to start with. But our Andre Ethier is the triple crown champ right now so there are good things happening.
How is your Mom doing??

I MISS FIGGY! Can we PUHLEASE have him back?! Please!

our teams are at it this weekend and i’m so excited because i get to see Figgy! What a great matchup to start it off huh? Weaver and King Felix (man i’m such a big fan of his!). I’ll warn you now the Angels aren’t looking good AT all! ugghhh!!! can we please get at least one win off of y’all?

Yeah Doug Fisher is having a heckuva year. His situation reminds me of Greinke’s situation. He’s 0-3 with a 2.27 era…😦

I’m really kind of surprised to see the Mariners having such a poor start. I thought they made several good moves in the offseason. Hopefully things will start to come together for them. Hang in there!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

You know it can only get better at this point right… keep smiling…

Phillies Outside

I don’t know what is up with your M’s. The series with you guys never really seemed that scary. Lee was pedestrian, in my opinion. YOu guys are supposed to be much, much better than this. I am sure something will click soon, but don’t wait too long!

I don’t know what is up with your M’s. The series with you guys never really seemed that scary. Lee was pedestrian, in my opinion. YOu guys are supposed to be much, much better than this. I am sure something will click soon, but don’t wait too long!

Looks like the pitching/defense focus wasn’t working out as well as we thought! The Red Sox tried it to and they’re in fourth place now. Listen, I hope everything works out with your move and everything. I’m sure it will be ok!

Hope you are doing well. I miss you!!! How is your Mom?? I thought you would be posting especially since your team beat the Padres so resoundingly!! Keep in touch.

Thanks for giving me an update. I love your blog and miss it. I know you are busy. Say hi to your Mom.

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